About Us

If you're reading this, congrats! You're one of the first nerds to join #12months12projects!
Yay for you!

Now that you've patted yourself in the back, you probably wanna know what's this all about (in case you haven't guessed yet).

After reading this article by this dude, we were really impressed and inspired, and decided everyone should try something similar.

So, every month, and for the next twelve months, we'll give you a theme, an idea, or an overall starting point for a small app, and you'll plan, build and ship it in one month, tops.

How you do it, however, it's up to you. You choose your stack, technologies, design, approach, workflow, time you'll spend on it, etc. It's all up to you.

You might even have your own project ideas, and if so, you should definitely go with those and share the results with us!

Just remember, you got one month, and "done" is better than "perfect".

We also encourage you to partner up with someone who might complement your skills.
If, for example, backend is not your thing, reach out and find a peer who can work with you on that end.
If you're not so great at designing things, maybe you can help someone with their logical stuff, in exchange for some graphical awesomeness.
Maybe you can get that friend from marketing to join in as well!

The idea here is to bring the community together, build amazing projects, and awesome portfolios.

Now, while for us this is already January's project, you guys will be able to join the challenge in February, where you can try and put your first project together, so stay tuned for this month's specs!